"Laura taught me some very useful tools and made me discover ways to improve my soft skills by leading me to come to realisations on my own instead of saying things out loud which proved very effective."

Nicolas Lescal


"It was a pleasure working with Laura, she combines empathy with the ability to provide clear and easily applicable advice. Her enthusiasm and positivity are extremely engaging and, whilst she is unafraid to raise areas that need to be addressed, I left my meeting with Laura encouraged and with an increased sense of purpose."

Tony Pickup
executive coaching


"I am very grateful for the collective learning experience. Thank you, all! Laura, thank you for passing on some powerful tools for facilitating team bonding and growth."

Anna Rondina
London Agile Coaches Workshop


"You are highly capable and are clearly passionate about what you do. I know from experience that you deliver great events."

Phil Stirpe
Director of Agile and Projects
QA Training


"I learned a lot about myself. Powerful."

Leye Adenle
London Agile Coaches Workshop


"The Meetup was super useful to me and I'm very glad that I came. The exercises were super simple, but so effective. I got a lot out of it. Thanks for hosting Laura!"

Peter Fessel
London Agile Coaches Workshop


"Possibly one of the most useful meetups I've attended. Insightful, practical, and has given me tools, tips and ideas on how to approach specific challenges at work. The attendees were also deeply enlightened. Thank you!"

Avipaul Bhandari
London Agile Coaches Workshop