Expect a higher standard of coaching for your agile product development teams. We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools, and have the professional coaching skills to turn that vision into reality. Our services can be customised and blended to get the right mix for your organisation, backed by decades of experience of transforming organisations and supporting leaders through change.

Agile Coaching Roadmap

Identify the business objectives for the agile coaching, scope and prioritise our work together, and identify ways to measure the impact of agile coaching.

Facilitation Skills

Get more out of your Scrum events such as Sprint Planning, Reviews, and Retrospectives. Build facilitation skills that provide the engine grease for the Scrum process to be more effective.

Moving from Manager to Agile Leader

World-class executive coaching for anyone who wants to shape company culture ‘by example’. One-to-one coaching helps a manager build the skills, behaviours, and beliefs to influence and motivate others.

Develop High-Performance Teams

High-performing teams that live the agile values and principles are essential to succeeding with agile methods. Team coaching helps them develop the skills to self-organise and adapt their processes long after the coaching engagement has finished.

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