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We help teams develop a learning and innovation culture. We take a holistic view of your teams in the organisation and their relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners.

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Our workshops and on-site team coaching are excellent for:

  • software development teams
  • marketing teams
  • new product innovation
  • cross-functional team communication
  • creative teams

Experience has shown that investing time on one of our workshops is transformational. Just take a look at what our clients have said and look at our past workshops. Would you like to feel energised to tackle your biggest challenges with increased confidence and more effective tools? Book one of our popular workshops or contact us to co-create a learning experience that's right for your organisation.

Scrum Team Experience

This experiential training mixes hands-on activities, presentation, and a real-world case study to give participants experience of using Scrum to plan and manage product development. Participants learn agile principles of team self-management along with the Scrum process. A fun and engaging way for your team to learn the benefits and techniques of Scrum, this course is most effective when attended by a cross-section of product visionaries and development to build a common language.

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Innovation Team Coaching

Three workshops for your team as an end-to-end service. Build courage and unlock creative thinking to develop innovative products and services that delight customers and open new markets. A blend of approaches is used including Design Thinking, Scrum, and Lean Startup. Teams build confidence to learn from experience and experiment with new processes and techniques. Includes specific, observable, and measurable follow-up activities to keep you on course between workshops. Includes coaching and feedback for your workshop facilitators.

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