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Experience has shown that investing time on one of our workshops is transformational. Just take a look at what our clients have said about our workshops. Would you like to feel energised to tackle your biggest challenges with increased confidence and more effective tools? Join one of our popular workshops or contact us to co-create a learning intervention that's right for your organisation.

Scrum Team Experience

One of the agile development approaches, Scrum has gained in popularity during the last ten years as a way to meet the needs of innovative ‘knowledge workers’ under pressure to meet the demands of a competitive marketplace.

This workshop includes a mix of presentation, team activities, and a real-world case study to give participants hands-on experience of using Scrum to plan and manage product development using agile principles of team self-management and transparency. This course does not require participants to build products, for example software coding and testing, during the workshop.

Suitable for: cross-functional product development teams

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Innovation Team Coaching

Now you're energised and you want an action plan. What happens next? Real behavioural change, if that's what you want, requires follow-up.

We'll start with your future-state vision and identify specific, observable, and measurable activities to keep you on course. This professional coaching engagement helps transition your teams to learn how to prioritise improvements to their process and transform the organisation's culture. Teams build confidence to learn from mistakes and experiment with new processes and techniques.

Blend of one-to-one and team coaching

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Investing in Agile: Executive Briefing

Before diving into Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, DevOps, or DSDM... find out what 'being agile' really means. What are the attitudes and mindset needed to be successful? In this workshop, we identify the possible impacts to your internal processes, teams, customers, and suppliers. Participants develop the language and confidence to change internal processes and improve the quality of products/services and time-to-market.

Leave with confidence that you can describe the benefits of agile ways of working to your stakeholders and peers. This workshop can be run as a half- or full-day workshop.

Suitable for: team members, managers, support functions

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