Laura Re Turner

Laura has been playing in the hills for most of her adult life. Whenever possible, she is hiking, kayaking, climbing, skiing, and running.

Laura's interest in coaching stems from a belief in the capacity of people to learn and grow at any point in life. She has worked as a project manager, client engagement manager, trusted advisor, technology consultant, and software developer. Every person, and every team, represent an opportunity to learn something new.

Working in partnership with her clients, Laura creates a learning journey that is tailored to match the pace of individual clients. She brings a systemic perspective into coaching conversations to support leaders in understanding the hidden forces in organisations that help or hinder performance.

Most impactful moments

Meeting Nancy Kline at a workshop at Henley Business School (MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change).

  • 'She introduced herself to me and then asked me about myself. She listened to my answer as if I were the only person in the room and nothing else in the world mattered in that moment.'

Co-founding the group London Agile Coaches Workshop (with Jon Sleeper).

  • 'I realised how much I'd learned as a coach and consultant and wanted to pass on that experience to others. Jon felt the same way. This group is our way of improving the coaching profession.'