Be a catalyst for change.

From automation, to the gig economy, to generation Z... organisations have many disruptors to deal with today. This rapidly changing business environment creates the opportunity for a progressive HR team to help organisations navigate through these disruptions effectively. The successful enterprises will be those that can integrate the human and digital dimensions, and redefine how people, processes and technology can work together to deliver the best business outcomes.

No matter what happens, uncertainty will become the norm for the foreseeable future. So it's essential to act in an agile way to survive and thrive. HR functions that can tackle the build/buy challenge effectively and deliver the right people to the business are those who will most likely be hailed as strategic HR business partners.

Deliver a world-class learning programme to accelerate your team's adoption of agile values and principles. Our workshops use your real business problems to see possible solutions in new ways. As a result, your development teams will get the right products and services to market faster.


Workshop 1: Identify the opportunity

  • Clarify the market opportunity and uncover your customers' real needs
  • Engage a cross-section of stakeholders
  • Write a strong guiding vision statement for your project or product development
  • Develop a business case to measure the success of product development
  • Define measures of success

Workshop 2: Develop iteratively for feedback

  • Prototype an idea to elicit feedback and generate options
  • Apply creative brainstorming techniques
  • Evolve your business case to reflect the evolving product idea
  • Analyse requirements to an appropriate level of detail for your stage of development

Workshop 3: Release a minimum viable product

  • Structure development iterations that focus the team on business outcomes
  • Eliminate waste in product development effort
  • Release a minimum viable product to market
  • Learn from your first MVP to continue iterating and releasing new product versions

Learning outcomes for your organisation

As a result of committing to the workshops, your teams will:

  • Increase their capacity for self-organisation, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Transform meetings into engaging workshops for brainstorming, planning, and making tough decisions.
  • Learn the collaborative behaviours needed to bring a new product or service to market.
  • Define and measure feedback from stakeholders to improve development iterations.
  • Develop two leaders with the facilitation skills to act as true ‘servant leaders’.

Price: £1250 + VAT per participant, for 3 workshops. Group discounts available. 


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Three one-day workshops supported by coaching between workshop. A pragmatic learning intervention that generates fresh ideas and provides support where you need it most.