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ICAgile Agile Fundamentals

Agile Fundamentals

Essential skills for project teams, leaders, coaches, and anyone who wants to learn the most commonly used Agile frameworks. Using Scrum alone won’t help you go to market faster and beat the competition. You’ll learn the Agile mindset and principles that underpin all of the frameworks. Fix problems with late releases, lacklustre development teams, and plans that are destined for failure.

Influencing Culture Change

In this interactive workshop, we practice the influencing skills you need to shape your organisation’s culture. Create a culture in which your teams own business outcomes, relate well to your stakeholders, and design creative solutions. Identify specific areas of culture in your organisation to focus your change efforts.

Scrum Team Experience

Scrum Team Experience

A fun and engaging way for your team to learn the benefits and techniques of Scrum, this course is most effective when attended by a cross-section of product visionaries and development to build a common language. Participants learn agile principles of team self-management along with the Scrum process.

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Great Online Meetings

Tired of lifeless meetings online where everyone seems to work at cross-purposes? This workshop is for anyone who manages or collaborates with others online and wants to improve their communication skills. You’ll learn how to build rapport quickly, the essentials of meeting facilitation, and how to let the team do the work.

What our participants say:

‘Absolutely worth the investment.’

‘Deep knowledge of the theory, the mindset and the practice of Agile and its applications.’

‘Thank you for an awesome experience of learning Agile Fundamentals.’

‘Excellent throughout.’

‘Related it to the different attendees, covering both business and technical aspects.’