Agile Fundamentals Professional Certificate

This two-day accredited course is essential for anyone who needs to work in an agile team or lead an agile transformation. As a result of participating in this public course, you will learn the mindset, behaviours, and skills to work in any agile organisation. With practical examples in Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management, and more. Accredited by ICAgile, a community-driven organisation of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors.

Benefits of Agile Fundamentals - ICAgile Learning Roadmap,

‘Embracing Agile’ - Rigby, Sutherland, and Takeuchi, Harvard Business Review, May 2016

Agile Go-To-Market Programme

Deliver a world-class learning programme to accelerate your team's adoption of agile values and principles. Our workshops use your real business problems to see possible solutions in new ways. As a result, your development teams will get the right products and services to market faster. This programme can be tailored to your specific sector and organisation culture.

’4 Common Missteps on the Road to Innovation’ -, Mar 2019

Influencing Culture Change

In this interactive workshop, we practice the influencing skills you need to shape your organisation’s culture.

As a leader, you’re responsible for preparing teams to deal with a complex and uncertain business environment. Implementing new structures, processes, and tools can help — to a point.

We need to adapt to change more quickly. The solution? Developing teams that own business outcomes, relate well to stakeholders, and design creative solutions.

'Nimble Leadership' - Harvard Business Review, July-Aug 2019

Be More Programme

We're proud to be working with Change Wave to develop resilient leaders. The Be More Programme uses practical, scientifically-proven techniques that boost performance, confidence and resilience, helping people succeed in tough jobs. Their methods build motivation and an agile outlook, creating a culture of vitality and success. Use code FOCUS50 for a £50 discount.

Next 2-day course runs 12th October and 9th November. Book online.

Scrum Team Experience

A fun and engaging way for your team to learn the benefits and techniques of Scrum, this course is most effective when attended by a cross-section of product visionaries and development to build a common language. Participants learn agile principles of team self-management along with the Scrum process.

'The New New Product Development Game' - Takeuchi and Nonaka, Harvard Business Review, Jan 1986

The Scrum Guide -