Agile Fundamentals - ICAgile Certified Professional

This course is the starting point for anyone who needs to work in an agile way in their organisation. It is accredited by ICAgile, a community-driven organization of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors. Delivered by expert instructors, participants will work in small groups to experience the new roles, iterative and incremental delivery of products, customer engagement, and planning practices with examples in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and DSDM. As a result of participating in this course, you will be able to practice agility in your organisation with a foundation in the agile mindset and behaviours.

24-25 October 2019, London
Early-bird discount available until 3rd October


Free Webinar Series

Your most commonly asked questions will be answered in our Free Webinar Series. Our free, focused sessions help you think about the issues that matter, in 30-minute sessions that you can attend during lunch. Attend just one, or attend all in the series:
  • Is Agile Right for Our Organisation? on 20th August at 12:30 pm (UK)
  • Get the Most from Scrum on 19th September at 12:30 pm (UK)
  • The Project Manager's Changing Role on 1st October at 12:30 pm (UK)
  • Create an Agile Culture on 21st October at 12:30 pm (UK)
  • Do We Need Self-Organising Teams? on 11th November at 12:30 pm (UK)


Influencing Culture Change

In this interactive workshop, we practice the influencing skills you need to shape your organisation’s culture.

As a leader, you’re responsible for preparing teams to deal with a complex and uncertain business environment. Implementing new structures, processes, and tools can help — to a point.

We need to adapt to change more quickly. The solution? Developing teams that own business outcomes, relate well to stakeholders, and design creative solutions.

6th September 2019, London


Scrum Team Experience

A fun and engaging way for your team to learn the benefits and techniques of Scrum, this course is most effective when attended by a cross-section of product visionaries and development to build a common language. Participants learn agile principles of team self-management along with the Scrum process.

Delivered as a company event or at one of our preferred venues