Coaching for Leaders and Their Teams

I'm an executive coach, team agility coach, facilitator, and trainer who helps organisations develop the mindset, learning capacity, and skills to outperform their competitors. My clients find our work together transformative, and come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Specialist in agile methods, behaviours, and success factors for agile teams.

My clients are organisations who want to transform to get products and services to market more quickly, with more focus on the right products for their market. I design workshops and full learning programmes as part of organisational change programmes. The most successful learning programmes are implemented with an engaged sponsor and a clear understanding of why they need to change. I can facilitate a discussion with you and a cross-section of stakeholders to understand your expected business outcomes clearly, and recommend tools for measuring the impact of our work together.

As an Executive Coach, I have successfully coached leaders to:

  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Improve communication with colleagues and business partners
  • Energise their leadership team
  • Develop an agile mindset to manage projects more effectively
  • Navigate a path through a career transition

In our first meeting, free-of-charge, we outline a programme to meet your goals and fit your demanding work schedule. We jointly define how we will recognise and measure the benefits to you.

A coach, consultant, and trainer for twenty years in private- and public-sector organisations, across industry sectors, my interest in coaching stems from a belief in the capacity of people to learn and grow at any point in life. I have experience working as an external coach in corporate leadership coaching programmes, an agile team coach in technology organisations, and career coaching for professionals in all stages of career change.

Having followed a non-traditional path into software development, I held consulting roles that required me to manage client relationships and influence stakeholders in complex organisations. As a project manager and engagement manager, I was responsible for delivery of enterprise software projects for companies in oil and gas, retail, financial services, consumer products, travel and leisure, insurance, and IT professional services.



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