Now on! Future Focus Leadership and Teams

We have a new Meetup group – Future Focus Leadership and Teams. Join on

This is a group for anyone interested in helping their organisations develop the mindset and skills needed to create agile organisations.

Our meetups invite colleagues and clients to discuss their challenges and opportunities with creating agile organisations, after work in an informal environment. Engage with guest speakers, participate in team-building activities that you can take back to your organisation, or co-create an approach with other Meetup members at the event for how best to explore a topic.

From speaking to colleagues and business partners, we’ve learned that most organisations have a few champions of culture change however they are challenged with bringing everyone along for the journey. A change of mindset, they tell us, not new processes and tools, is what’s needed to succeed.

Some great topics have emerged for this group’s future meetups:

– Open discussions about how to ‘bring others with us’ on a transformation journey, and the challenges we have faced so far.

– Personal stories of how we led a transformation successfully in our organisation.

– How to cope with the sometimes opposite requirements of ‘saying we’re agile’ while not doing the work to ‘be agile’.

– How we are letting go of hub-and-spoke management to allow teams to identify opportunities and solutions to problems faster than in traditional organisations.