New Public Course: Agile Fundamentals

We are proud to launch Agile Fundamentals Professional Certificate, a 2-day course accredited by ICAgile.

The course is the ideal starting point for anyone who needs to understand the origin of agile methods, values and principles that underpin all of the agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, Agile Project Management (DSDM), Lean Software Development, and SAFe. Suitable for all business functions including product development, project management, HR, marketing, enterprise architecture, operations, testers, coaches and mentors, Scrum Masters, delivery managers.

It is accredited by ICAgile, a community-driven organization of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors. Delivered by expert instructors, participants will work in small groups to experience the new roles, iterative and incremental delivery of products, customer engagement, and planning practices with examples in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and DSDM.

Agile Fundamentals in the ICAgile Learning Roadmap
Agile Fundamentals in the ICAgile Learning Roadmap

This course is the foundation for all of ICAgile’s tracks in their Learning Roadmap. Participants may then choose to continue their learning journey on one or more of ICAgile’s eight learning tracks: DevOps, Agile Testing, Agile Engineering, Agile Coaching, Delivery Management, Product Ownership, Enterprise Agile Coaching, and Business Agility.