Climate Leadership

Develop the mindset and skills to address your impact on the climate crisis and contribute to positive change. Create a vision for the future that respects impact on the environment and society using the latest ESG and B Corp measure. Identify root causes and influence stakeholders. Shift your new product and service development capability to adapt to changing standards. Suitable for people at senior to board level. Our climate coaching work helps you focus on how to meet the critical needs of the future and adapt to changing consumer trends.


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As an emerging area of coaching practice, our Climate Leadership work uses a multidisciplinary approach to find business solutions to the human-made climate crisis. We do this by working with you to develop purpose and mindset that are aligned to sustainability goals, build networks across stakeholder groups, and adopt innovation processes for new products and services.

We offer the following resources to help you understand better the components that might be considered when thinking about engaging with us in a Climate Leadership programme.

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“The coaching sessions gave me an opportunity to reflect on my role as a leader and gave me the insight and tools I needed to empower others, build confidence in myself and get the best out of my team.”

“I worked with Laura when I was stuck in a rut with my career and didn’t know what steps to take in order to make effective changes. Laura came across as very approachable and sincere in wanting to assist me. She encouraged me to try a different approach. She gave me reading material and suggested stepping stones to reach my end goal. After only a few sessions with Laura I had applied for another job. The first time in 6 years! I can honestly say I wouldn’t have considered that job if I hadn’t had the sessions with Laura. I got the job which was much more suited to my personality and I have been very happy doing it.”

“The exercises were super simple, but so effective.”

“Insightful, practical, and has given me tools, tips and ideas on how to approach specific challenges at work.”