Great Online Meetings


Tired of lifeless meetings online where everyone seems to work at cross-purposes? This half-day workshop is for anyone who manages or collaborates with others online and wants to improve the team’s collaboration skills. You’ll learn how to build rapport quickly, facilitate meetings that gain commitment, and plan by business outcomes to let team do the work.

‘Great host and brilliant online facilitator.’

‘Enabled a highly collaborative session among virtual strangers.‘


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Transform lifeless online meetings into focused and energetic sessions that create commitment to your work. This workshop is for anyone who manages or collaborates with others and spends too much time in meetings or has ‘Zoom fatigue’. 

In this half-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Build rapport quickly and get your message across clearly the first time
  • Facilitate meetings that get decisions made with commitment from the whole group
  • Plan and track by business outcomes so you don’t need to be in every meeting

This workshop is hosted from the United Kingdom and is delivered in English using Zoom and Miro. Suitable for anyone joining from the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa. Local payment options available.  

Workshop Outline

Welcome and Introductions

  • Welcome! Let’s see who’s here and introduce ourselves.
  • We’ll start with a warm-up activity that brings to life some of the themes to come next. Plus you can copy the activity to use later in your own meetings.

Creating Rapport

  • We’ll discover why it’s crucial to high-functioning teams and helps make meetings run smoothly. With examples, exercises, and feedback.

Meeting Facilitation ‘Quick Start’

  • Facilitation is a profession in its own right but you can learn basic techniques to make meetings easier right now. You’ll learn and practice a simple meeting framework that keeps the team on track. With a discussion of the benefits of effective facilitation, success factors for facilitated meetings, and the facilitator’s do’s and don’t’s.

Outcome-Based Planning

  • As a leader, you need the team to make progress and reach decisions during meetings. You shouldn’t have to attend each one yourself. By agreeing outcomes with the team, you can trust them to do the work and get back some hours in your day. We’ll look at well-defined outcome statements and how to get agreement from the team.


  • Personal takeaways. What will you start doing, stop doing, and continue to do in your workplace, as a result of this workshop?
  • Thank you and how to stay in touch.