Systemic Agile Coaching (ICP-ENT)

Focusing your change efforts on the team is not enough. It takes change of leadership style, organisation structure, culture, and Lean principles across the organisation. You’ll learn the skills to enable true business agility. For leaders at any level, external coaches, organisational development practitioners, consultants, and experienced Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, or anyone with a background in change management or HR, and an interest in Agile approaches at the enterprise level.

In Systemic Agile Coaching (ICP-ENT), accredited by ICAgile, you’ll learn the very latest tools and methods for helping leaders, the team, and all of its stakeholders develop an Agile culture with systemic coaching, leadership coaching, Lean and Six Sigma process improvement, adaptive organisation design, and building a sustainable Agile team culture.

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ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP-ENT) awarded on successful completion.


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Your trainer: Laura Re Turner

Laura works with organisations to develop engaging learning programmes for business change. Her programmes receive consistently high praise from participants for fostering active learning, allowing people to experience the Agile vales and behaviours, and surpassing people’s expectations of training courses where trainers just “talk the talk”.

Drawing on two decades of experience in enterprise software, she brings Agile development to life through industry examples and case studies. Laura is an ICAgile accredited trainer as well as an accredited Agile Project Management trainer (APMG) and a Professional Scrum Master ( She was awarded the MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School in 2018 and the International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate from the Academy of Executive Coaching in 2019.

Laura’s book Becoming Agile: Coaching Behavioural Change for Business Results is published by Open University Press in May 2021.


Course Outline

Welcome and Introductions

  • ICAgile Learning Outcomes
  • Warm-up activity and working agreement 
  • Your needs for this course

Module 1 – Enterprise and Business Agility

Course participants will:

  • Analyze a value stream, explain the end-to-end relationship of elements across the value stream and explain how they fit together from a systems thinking perspective.
  • Analyze and explain the concepts of business agility, show how they extend beyond team-level and technical Agile implementations and identify organizational aspects that support or hinder business agility.

Module 2 – Organisational Structures and Processes

Course participants will:

  • Identify, categorize and apply models for scaling Agile adoption beyond single teams and beyond individual business areas into more complex structures.
  • Analyze and categorize elements of end-to-end business processes and model how they can be improved using an Agile approach.

Module 3 – Leadership and Culture 

Course participants will:

  • Analyze leadership styles and blockers that exist to effective leadership team formation and implement approaches that will improve leadership relationships and effectiveness.
  • Analyze organizational culture, articulate it in a way that is clear to leaders and show how the culture supports or inhibits Agile adoption.
  • Apply the ideas, tools and techniques in a case study of an organization transforming to an Agile organization.

Continuing Your Development

  • Ethical considerations for coaching leaders and teams
  • Professional practice and CPD