Sustainable transformation for your agile teams.

High-performing teams that live the agile values and principles are essential to succeeding in today's uncertain business environment. Team coaching helps team members develop the skills to self-organise and adapt their processes long after our work together has finished.

Define business outcomes.

Make a solid start on your Business Agility by starting with our Visioning Workshop including a cross-section of stakeholders. We identify the business objectives for the agile coaching engagement, scope and prioritise our work together, and agree ways to measure impact. We'll recommend a blend of coaching, mentoring, and process consultancy to get the right mix for your organisation.

Create high-performance teams.

We have the largest coaching toolkit for individuals, teams, and systems in agile organisations. Your coach role-models helpful interactions among team members, and introduces tools to help the team understand the stakeholder environment. Practices within the team, and between the team and the wider organisation, are examined. Receive high-quality feedback that is specific and actionable.

Energise your meetings!

Turn your agile planning, reviews, and retrospectives into meetings that create focus and commitment. Build skills to start to get real value from Scrum, XP, DSDM, SAFe, and Kanban. Your coach will work with team leaders to build great facilitation skills. The team will take ownership for its work, leading to greater buy-in, better solutions, and high-quality work



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Lead by example.

World-class agile leadership coaching for anyone who wants to shape company culture ‘by example’. One-to-one coaching helps your team leaders build the skills, behaviours, and beliefs to be true servant leaders. Enable teams to stand on their own feet and think for themselves by practicing the agile principles and behaviours yourself. Confidential and non-judgmental one-to-one coaching sessions by professional coaches

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