FAQs for Agile Fundamentals Professional Certificate

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How can I use this course to improve my performance at work?

Our Agile Fundamentals course, accredited by ICAgile, teaches the mindset, behaviours, and skills to work in any agile team or leadership role regardless of the specific frameworks or tools used. On successful completion of this course, participants will understand the roles, iterative and incremental practices, collaboration skills, and planning techniques which can be used alone or in combination to suit any agile organisation.

Is this course for me?

Yes! This course is suitable for agile leaders and teams, independent contractors and freelancers who need to learn the foundations of the agile mindset, HR directors and business partners, marketing professionals, and anyone whose organisation is subject to uncertainty and change. We’d love to see you on a course soon!

Where is the course available?

Our Agile Fundamentals Online course is available to anyone with a high-bandwidth internet connection and access to the desktop version of Zoom Meetings. The in-person courses are delivered in London, United Kingdom. This course can be delivered as a company event - contact us for pricing.

What materials are provided with the course?

Every course participant receives a copy of the course slides and a compressive Participant Guide - something most training organisations don’t provide. The Participant Guide is packed full of additional information, links, and activities to support your learning during and after the course.

What are the benefits of the Online version of this course?

The Online course is a great solution for saving money on travel - and reducing our carbon footprint! The course content is the same as the in-person courses, with more time between modules to complete the learning activities. We use Zoom Meetings Pro to give you a fully interactive learning experience including Chat, Breakout Rooms, Whiteboards, and Polls.

What are the technical requirements for joining the Online course?

Your course will use Zoom Meetings to give you an interactive learning experience that includes use of Chat, Breakout Rooms, Whiteboards, and Polls. You must have the Zoom desktop application to use these features and participate in the course.

Can I invite a friend or colleague to 'sit in' on the Online course with me?


Why does the website show two prices for the same event?

Unlike many training providers, we offer an Early Bird price which is less than our Standard price for each course. The early-bird price is available up to 3 weeks before the course’s scheduled start date. Remember all prices include all taxes and fees. There are no surprise charges added during registration. And we guarantee your online security using registration by Eventbrite.

All prices shown on our website include VAT and Eventbrite service charges.

What is your refund policy?

We’ll be disappointed if you need to cancel your course registration and will do everything we can to accommodate you on another public course. If you can no longer attend a course and wish to receive a refund, we will honour your request for a refund up to 7 days before your course start date.

Why should I choose an ICAgile course over Scrum Alliance or Agile Project Management?

ICAgile-accredited courses meet the highest level of standards developed by worldwide agile thought leaders. ICAgile believes that agility starts with people. The power and potential of agility grows when people have an agile mindset. ICAgile is not just another certification body. The organisation is changing the way people do agile by helping them become agile.

Is there an exam?

The Online courses have a quiz at the end of each day which must be completed and passed to receive the certification. In addition, both the Online and in-person courses require engagement in all of the course activities to receive the certification. ICAgile Certified Professional will awarded on successful completion of the course.

What can I use my free coaching session for?

Every one of our Agile Fundamentals courses comes with one free coaching session. People have used it to learn ways to deal with ‘difficult’ people, to free up time for strategic planning, and to find ways to get the rest of the organisation to be agile too. Get in touch with your trainer to find out more.