Our free, focused Agile Webinar Series helps you think about the issues that matter, in 30-minute bite-sized sessions.


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Is Agile Right for Our Organisation?

We look at the basics, such as when to choose Agile over traditional methods, and why you should combine Scrum, DSDM, and Kanban. Which of your existing processes you should keep?

20th August at 12:30 pm (United Kingdom)


Get the Most from Scrum

We've heard it many times: 'Are we doing it correctly?' Find out what really matters in Scrum. Empower your team to learn fast from mistakes, and get new products and services to market quickly.

10th September at 12:30 pm (United Kingdom)


The PM's Changing Role

Yes we still need project managers in agile organisations that deliver projects. Find out how project managers need to adapt their leadership style to motivate the team, and focus on business outcomes instead of tasks.

1st October at 12:30 pm (United Kingdom)


Create an Agile Culture

What beliefs, mindset, and behaviours are needed to be successful with agile methods? How do we change the mindset of others? How do we measure success? What can we change in our org structure now?

21st October at 12:30 pm (United Kingdom)


Do We Need Self-Organising Teams?

Do we really need self-organising, cross-functional teams to be effective? And what if our team isn't co-located? Is video conferencing just as good as face-to-face communication? Find out how teams outperform individuals when members learn from each other.

11th November at 12:30 pm (United Kingdom)