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A unique offering in a crowded marketplace: Agile Coaches Workshop is facilitated by experienced, professional coaches. We share traditional coaching skills and techniques with our community of agilists who know the importance of attitude and mindset for success in today's world (read more).

Our members are coaches, team leaders, developers, managers, facilitators, Scrum Masters, and Agile Coaches who believe that coaching supports sustainable change in our organisations. We are proud to see members returning for successive workshops to learn and share experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Facilitated by co-founders Jon Sleeper and Laura Re Turner.

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Possibly one of the most useful meetups I've attended. Insightful, practical, and has given me tools, tips and ideas on how to approach specific challenges at work. The attendees were also deeply enlightened! Thank you!

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Thank you to QA Training for hosting us in their London training centre.

London Agile Coaches Workshop meets at QA Training
London Agile Coaches Workshop meets at QA Training