Create sustainable change

High-performing teams that live the agile values and principles are essential to succeeding in today's uncertain business environment. Coaching and mentoring help team members develop the skills to self-organise and adapt processes that are fit-for-purpose.



Energise your meetings!

Turn your agile planning, reviews, and retrospectives into meetings that create focus and commitment. Build skills to start to get real value from Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management (DSDM), SAFe, and Lean Startup. Your coach will work with team leaders to build great facilitation skills. The team will take ownership for its work, leading to greater buy-in, better solutions, and high-quality work.


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A fun and engaging way for your team to learn the principles and techniques of Scrum, this course is most effective when attended by a cross-section of product visionaries and development to build a common language.


Accelerate business agility.

Kickstart your business agility with our Visioning Workshop that brings together a cross-section of stakeholders from business and development. Build a strong common understanding of the business reasons for a new product and brainstorm possible solutions.


Create high-performance teams.

We have the largest coaching toolkit for individuals, teams, and systems in agile organisations. Your coach role-models helpful interactions among team members, and introduces tools to help the team better understand themselves, and the stakeholder environment. Practices within the team, and relationships between the team and the wider organisation, are examined. Receive high-quality feedback that is specific and actionable.


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For anyone who needs to work in an agile team or lead an agile transformation. Learn the mindset, behaviours, and skills to succeed with Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management, Lean Startup. Accredited by ICAgile.