Innovation for Sustainable Business

Create and implement a vision for the future that respects the natural environment and society. Build innovative products and services that your customers, stakeholders, and the world need. Develop the mindset and skills to address your impact on the climate crisis and contribute to positive change.

The programme is a stand-out hybrid approach combining Agile product development, circular economy principles, holistic business agility tools, and systemic team coaching.

Suitable for new product and service development teams, senior leadership, innovation labs, and startups.


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We recommend all stakeholders involved in delivering the initiative participate in all workshops together as a cross-functional team.

Workshop 1: Identify the opportunity

  • Clarify the market opportunity and uncover your customers’ real needs
  • Engage a cross-section of stakeholders
  • Write a strong guiding vision statement for your project or product development
  • Develop a business case to measure the success of product development
  • Define measures of success

Workshop 2: Develop iteratively for feedback

  • Prototype an idea to elicit feedback and generate options
  • Apply creative brainstorming techniques
  • Evolve your business case to reflect the evolving product idea
  • Analyse requirements to an appropriate level of detail for your stage of development

Workshop 3: Release a minimum viable product

  • Structure development iterations that focus the team on business outcomes
  • Eliminate waste in product development effort
  • Release a minimum viable product to market
  • Learn from your first MVP to continue iterating and releasing new product versions





We offer the following resources to help you understand better the components that might be considered in our work together.

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