Organisations that develop complex products and services benefit from using Scrum’s iterative and incremental approach to meet customers’ needs quickly and with better quality than traditional approaches. This two-day workshop includes a mix of presentation, team activities, and a real-world case study to give participants hands-on experience of using Scrum to plan product development. Suitable for a cross-functional team, including product owners, of up to 12 people.

As a result of participating in this two-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of agile development approaches, including Scrum.
  • Understand how empiricism and feedback loops provide the fundamental basis for teams to improve continuously.
  • Understand strategies for prioritising and estimating product development work on a Product Backlog.
  • Write feature requirements that support a team’s planning and development activities to an appropriate level of detail.
  • Create a release plan that uses early feedback from incremental releases to get feedback and reduce the risk of delivering the wrong product to customers.
  • Facilitate a meeting to build continuous improvement practices into the team.
  • Describe the need to engage business stakeholders in product development. 

Price: £1,600 + VAT, per team


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