What is Agile Coaches Workshop?

Agile Coaches Workshop is a free Meetup that meets every six weeks at QA Training, which I founded with Jon Sleeper. We started the group in April 2017 to continue the work we started with Agile Coaches Circle. As professional coaches, we wanted to bring our perspectives of coaching to the agile workplace in IT organisations, where we have been working for two decades.

With very little promotion, the group has attracted over 300 members. We have met diverse people at our workshops. Many of our members are Scrum Masters who understand the importance of coaching in their role. Some have never heard of agile ways of working and want to know more about coaching, having had some experience of coaching in their careers.

On December 12, we host our first Special Interest Group 'Experience Matters: Adapting to An Agile World', inspired by members at our workshops who want to know how they fit into the agile organisation. Tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite.

Registration for all of our workshops is via Meetup.com.